Leave it to Your Imagination Planning Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

Leave it to Your Imagination Planning Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

The most wonderful thing about designing an Outdoor Kitchen is there are basically no limits other than your imagination. Using stainless steel the outdoor kitchen can be placed anywhere where the ground can accommodate it, no considerations need to be made for walls, height, or (within reason) weather. Unlike your regular kitchen inside they do not have to fir into any particular space, they will not be used constantly, nor will all your meals be served there – unless you want them to be.

An outdoor kitchen is a luxury item, especially in the southern areas of the U.S. with its milder weather. For entertaining nothing beat an outdoor kitchen through. You can have a small cocktail gathering or a full sit-down meal without worrying about the flow of people through your house or even basic space requirements.

With the wide variety of outdoor kitchens available, especially if you work with a custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer is endless. You can have just an island with your outdoor grill embedded in the island or a full scale setup with upper and lower stainless steel cabinets to store an entire second kitchen’s utensils.

Many times the outdoor kitchen is centered on a pool area or patio that is already present. Nothing works better for a family during the warm months for ease of feeding the family and keeping the kids and their friends happy and well fed. Other times the kitchen can be incorporated into a garden area that will make you feel as if you have entered another world. One of our more inventive customers in Florida has an entire Tiki hut built to accommodate the kitchen and surrounded by tropical gardens with a Koi pond, waterfalls, and a collection of exotic birds; truly a relaxing way to eat and entertain their guests.

You can have your kitchen professionally designed or just communicate your ideas to an installer and Lasertron will be happy to work with them or you directly. As we always say “the only limitation is your imagination”.