The Most Important Element in Your Kitchen Remodel

The Most Important Element in Your Kitchen Remodel

The most visible part of any kitchen – whether indoor or outdoor – is the cabinets. If you’re building, or remodeling, the choice of the best cabinets for your project should be thought out and the various available choices carefully considered.

Unfortunately, if you are buying a new condominium or subdivision home in today’s market you will probably be offered a choice of a few cabinet types, usually lower or mid-line versions, and you actual choice will only be of the door, color, and possibly the hardware selection. This of course is done to maximize the builder’s profits by getting the best price from the cabinet distributor. Recently there was the story of the builder who while building a complex of 120 units, with an average price of $600,000, decided to purchase all the bath and kitchen cabinets from a Chinese manufacturer. Besides encountering many transitional problems such as incorrect sizes due to using “green” materials and converting to metric measurements, the finish of the cabinets did not match from cabinet to cabinet due to poor quality control. Also there were several legal actions started by condo owners over Chinese building material due to its hazardous components and lack of durability.

When you do decide to take charge of your kitchen’s building or remodeling you should approach it similar to the purchase of a car. While like cars there are many options only a few will actually suite your purpose and long-term goals. Unlike auto purchase most kitchens are constructed and utilized for an average of ten years before thought of replacement. So firstly you must choose quality manufacture and durable materials for your installation. While realistically there are several high quality wood and wood-composite manufacturers available in the semi-custom range; kitchens designed with these units must use the manufacturer’s standard sizes while you may still specify wood veneer type, door design, hardware, and ultimate stain finish. Think of these as a jigsaw puzzle – as long as their pieces fit your space the kitchen can be assembled to be somewhat pleasing to the eye.

Take this example: you have exactly 15 feet of wall space for your kitchen. With this you can fit six-30” wide cabinets in the space. The kitchen will look well designed and symmetrical. Stock or semi-custom cabinets are normally available in increments of 6” widths; therefore, if your wall is not 180” as the previous example but 165” you have been presented a challenge. You can now fit five-30” cabinets (150”), one-12” cabinet and still have to use a 3” spacer on one side or another. This works of course by the kitchen wall is no longer symmetrical so if that is your sink wall it can no longer be centered on the cabinets. Also 12” wide cabinets are proven to have very limited use because of the narrow width.

Lasertron has a simple solution to this issue. With a wall of 165” Lasertron can construct six equal size cabinets of 27.5” – the cabinets fit exactly and the kitchen is again proportioned. Not only that but Lasertron’s cabinets are constructed of high-quality stainless steel, made to last many years and continue to maintain their strength and beauty. Stainless Steel cabinets fit with any décor and it is the only alternative if you are building an outdoor entertainment space. Call now for further information to begin the process of building a kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and be functioning when you have grandchildren.