Quality Matters

America’s Leading Manufacturer of Indoor & Outdoor
Stainless Steel Cabinets for Kitchen, Patio, and Commercial

Each Cabinet is Designed on Our in-house CAD/CAM System to Insure Perfection

We can use the designers files or create our own to visualize your custom cabinets. Each cabinet can be fitted exactly to the available space. No need to use blank filler strips to accommodate the standard size “store bought” cabinets. You will receive a complete template of each cabinet for approval; and we guarantee the fit to your supplied specifications. A kitchen that will last for decades and continue to look new throughout its life span.

Made in USA – Not Shoddy Low-Quality Imports

The Latest Lasers Do the Cutting and Welding

Mechanical quality is maintained by our laser cutting equipment to ensure pattern quality on a continuous basis. Each cabinet is then formed and welded with lasers also. The highest quality stainless steel is used for all manufacturing, unlike many imported cabinets. For especially challenging installations such as yachts corrosion resistant stainless steel is also available.

Quality Construction & Unlimited Options

Full suspension drawers using the best available slides and handles. Lasertron assembles each kitchen in its plant in Miami, FL & purchase all our material from USA. before shipment to be sure your installation will proceed effortlessly. Each drawer and cabinet can be customized to fulfill your exact requirements. No need to compromise by ordering cabinets from the manufacturers catalog of standard sizes and finishes.

The Strength and Durability of Stainless Steel

Along with the inherent benefits of stainless steel Lasertron’s precise assembly and welding of the cabinet box makes it the strongest in the industry. Our tests prove, once assembled, the box will easily support 1,000 pounds added to the top of the box. Trying this with any wooden construction can only result in a pile of firewood.

Check Our Corners

A easy way to see the built-in quality of our stainless steel cabinets is to simply check the corners. The laser welds are precise and without overlap or foreign material. Run your finger over them and see the smooth finish that our computer controlled laser welders and cutters impart to the corner of the cabinet. It may be the smallest detail of the cabinet but it shows our commitment to quality immediately.